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Roddy Hayes Builders, Inc. Brantley Rodwell Hayes (Roddy)
Licensed General Building Contractor #41337.

I have lived in Durham all my life and I am certified as a Realtor® Booker in Charge. I have six children and eight grandchildren.  My children have all attended the Durham Public Schools and my youngest— twin boys—are in middle school.   I live in northern Durham between the Eno River and Little River Lake.  This area is less developed with a nice country feel, and it has been a good place to raise our twins and base my construction business.  With over 35 years in real estate and construction, I have been in thousands of houses and most all county neighborhoods. Call on me as the primary contact for estimating and contracting your home improvements.  I am glad to have Sally aboard to handle our realtor day-to-day operations.  Here is my contact information and active links to contact me.

919-698-5957, Fax: 919-479-9414 / buildemgood@aol.com

Sally M. Adkin

Our family has lived in the Durham area since 1995.  We have lived in both Chapel Hill and Durham, and prior to 1995 Kentucky and Michigan.  Among my interests is water color—check out our logo.  No matter where your family’s interests lie; I can connect you with people and places to pursue these interests.  We love the Triangle Area.   For the past ten years we have lived in the historic Watts-Hospital Hillendale Neighborhood.  I am a retired educator with three grown children and four grandchildren.   l am privileged to now pursue my long-time passion for homes with character and comfort. 

Sally M. Adkin, Realtor® sadkin@nc.rr.com / 919-286-2055, Cell 919-597-1278