Tips for Sellers

For many people, a home is one of the largest and most important investments they will make in their lifetime.  Realtors Hayes and Adkin as members of the National Association of REALTORS®, pledge to be honest with all parties, to protect and promote their clients' interests, and to keep abreast of changes in real estate through continuing education and interaction with other real estate professionals. Agency representation will help you price your home appropriately, post your listing with all agency professionals through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and advise you in ways that will help optimize time on market and financial return.
The term "agency" refers to the fiduciary relationship that exists between a seller and the real estate agent who represents them. Some form of written disclosure is recommended between agents and the consumers they are working with, to help ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding agency relationships. Traditionally agents who represent the seller receive a commission or fee for services. The NC Real Estate Commission provides detailed information about various types of working relationships, to help your decide on agency representation.  See We would like an opportunity to meet with you in advance of any agency agreement to make sure you understand these guidelines and our services and commitments.   Services you Can Expect from Us Working as Your Real Estate Agent


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of selling a home is listing it at the correct price. Pricing your home too high will cause you to miss that important early exposure to potential buyers who most suit your home. Pricing too low, of course, loses you money. In todays down market it is particularly important to price with precision. We will provide you with our professional knowledge of neighborhoods and market trends and will present you with a market analysis that compares your property with other similar properties that have recently sold in the area. Together we will set a list price that will limit marked time with a goal of maximizing your gain.

Marketing Services

Important services we provide are marketing strategies and suggestions to provide maximum exposure of your home offering.  Together we will review ways to further enhance the desirability of your home.  Many sellers are considering including a home warranty service for the buyer.  A standard home warranty pays to repair or replace, for a period of one full year, an existing home's covered mechanical systems and major built-in appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.  We can explain this option and the competitive edge it might provide for you, particularly if yours is an older home.  Another service that many sellers choose to consider is professional staging. Some helpful points to consider when getting you home ready to sell are listed here.  Our firm has the advantage of affiliation with Hayes Builders, who are experts at home renovation and have experience and contacts with all kinds of home care professionals.

Points to Consider When Selling Your Home

  • De-Clutter – consider renting a storage unit so furnishings are minimal
  • De-Personalize—pack up personal photos and family memorabilia
  • Rearrange Bedroom Closets and Kitchen Cabinets to send a message of good order- buyers will open closets and cabinets
  • If you want to take window coverings, built-in appliances or fixtures, etc. with you, remove them now. Make any repairs—minor or major
  • Make the house sparkling clean – pause at every door entry and scrutinize your appeal.
  • Lights on-they add color and warmth / TV and music systems off
  • Pets and all evidence as pets as far away as possible
  • Check curb appeal: front entrance, driveway, landscaping, and lawn.
  • This one is hard, but important: Disassociate yourself with your home—transition from this address as your home to packaging as a product to be sold.

Step-by-Step Guidance with all Transactions

In our experience, it is the transactional details and paper work that are most mystifying to the seller.  You will be called upon to sign many papers as you transfer ownership of your home.  Our realty company does not offer legal advice and will be quick to advise you when you need legal counsel.  Through the NC Real Estate Commission we so have access to forms that have been approved by the NC Bar Association, and we are very familiar with required federal forms.  Listed below are the three most important steps in selling your home.  We will provide and explain all forms required to accomplish these important steps as you sell your home.

  1.  Listing Agreement

We will decide together on the type of agency services you want, length of our contract, the sales commission, parameters for marketing, showing, and kinds of offers you are willing to accept.  All homes for sale require the owner to complete a Property Disclosure form.    

  1.  Offer to Purchase Contract

Once an offer or offers are presented to you, the seller, we will assist you in determining which offer is best and whether or not the highest offer should be accepted.  If none of the offers are acceptable, you may reject all of them. In that case, we would advise the agents working with the prospective purchasers to invite those prospects to make new, better offers. We may orally outline what price and terms you, the seller would be willing to consider. In reviewing offers we will note any contingencies, closing timeline and discuss the merits of the offer.  The offer will have a place for you to sign accepting the offer, and when you accept an offer it becomes a contract to convey the property at closing.

  1.  Closing (Short for closing meeting between and among the seller, buyer and their representatives to officially transfer the property.)

Closing is the official transfer of your property. Closing is typically held at the office of the buyer’s attorney. The seller pays those closing costs associated with transferring good title to the property; these are generally limited to Excise Tax and Title Insurance. Before you go to closing our agency will review a closing statement provided by the closing attorney. This closing statement itemizes all charges imposed upon the buyer and seller for a real estate transaction. It gives each party a complete list of their incoming and outgoing funds. You will know in advance exactly the dollar amount you will receive at the closing.

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